ARTISTRY Men Gentle Face Wash

I had oily face and I used many products (even products from Paris) before finally I was introduced to ARTISTRY Men. Before I start using ARTISTRY Men Gentle Face Wash, my face will be oily especially the T-area in less than 2 hours. After using it, my face no longer oily and it last for more than 6 hours (personal experience). After the first time I tried this ARTISTRY Men Gentle Face Wash, I felt my face is super clean without feeling dehydrated. I straight fell in love with this face wash from the first time I used it. I use it daily and here to share my experience of using ARTISTRY Men Gentle Face Wash.

First of all, wet your face before dispense a strip onto wet hand and create lather. Massage it gently onto the face before rinse off with warm water. No like other face wash, it help to moisture my skin.


ARTISTRY Men Gentle Face Wash was formulated to remove oil and dirt while maintaining the vital moisture of men’s skin. It actually removes excess dirt and oil while retaining vital moisture of the skin, leaves skin clean, refreshed, and not dry. It also helps to clean pores. It really gentle and safe for all skin type. It also contains dual-phase DermaSync™ complex. Formula contains dissolving Mannan and Jojoba beads to help cleanse pores. Plus a patented Shiso and Aloe Complex to help reduce irritation. Jojoba beads release moisturising benefits on to the skin as they dissolve.


Here is the result of my skin moisture level from the digital moisture monitor for skin:

After 3 months, it helps reduce acne and blackheads. This result never achieved by any other products I used before. So I strongly recommend this product to all my buddies and friends. I know it help me, so why not you give it a try yourself if your current face wash doesn’t help you. One tube, it last me for 3 months.

You can also try out the ARTISTRY Men Gentle Face Wash if you’re interested, contact us or drop a comment for further details.

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