THE FACE SHOP Clean Face Spot Corrector

Here another beauty product from THE FACE SHOP and it is called Clean Face Spot Corrector. It was very small tube and price is cheap. The essence is gel-like, a bit thick but can easily spread across your skin and absorbs into our skin in few minutes. It has mild-calming scent of tea leaves.

An essence for clearing up acne blemishes and allowing skin to heal faster. An over-night spot eraser that helps fade post-acne marks. From our testing for over 2 months, it only fade a bit of our post-acne marks so we kinda disappointed with the result.

It claims to kills acne-causing ‘p-acne bacteria’ but however it doesn’t work on both me and my wife. The breakout size remains almost the same as the night before. For acne problem, we still prefer Aloe Care which delivers the result effectively. Pricing wise Aloe Care is much expensive but it was also larger tube (75ml) compare to THE FACE SHOP Clean Face Spot Corrector (15ml). If you calculate by the size, Aloe Care definitely much worth it. If you compare the effectiveness, Aloe Care is much more effective on fighting my pimples and acne problem.

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THE FACE SHOP Chia Seed Hydrating Mask Sheet

THE FACE SHOP Chia Seed Hydrating Mask Sheet is one of the most recommended mask sheet that contains extracts from chia seed which holds moisture ten times more than average. White cotton sheet mask soaked with chia seed infused serum. The liquid of the serum is slightly thicker than average.

The scent of the THE FACE SHOP Chia Seed Hydrating Mask Sheet is pleasant and floral based. I like the scent of the mask sheet.

I recommend to remove the mask sheet after 10~15 minutes. Do not wait until it completely dry. I know many people would actually remove the mask sheet after they are completely dry off.

THE FACE SHOP Chia Seed Hydrating Mask Sheet delivers pure natural energy on skin with natural energy of plants and unbleached organic pure cotton sheet.  The mask sheet from the miraculous seed “Chia Seed” that is known to provide nutrition and moisture to skin.

My skin feel very moisture, soften and silky smooth after using the mask sheet and I love the long lasting effect of it. It contains no sulphate, no artificial pigment, no alcohol and no mineral oil. It is suitable on all skin types, even on sensitive skin.

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THE FACE SHOP Bio-Cell Moisturizing Face Mask

Sheet mask is one of the common mask in the market. One of the mask I tested was Bio-Cell Moisturizing Face Mask from THE FACE SHOP.

The mask is soaked in a liquid-based formula full of nutrients. After face wash, apply toner. Open the pack, remove the thin sheet on the other side of the mask and place it over the face. This single-use mask leave skin smooth and moisture. Leave it on the face, I recommend 10~15 minutes and softly massage it before remove the mask.

THE FACE SHOP Bio-Cell Moisturizing Face Mask contains various vitamins, amino acid, minerals and essential protein that makes skin clear and bright. A sheet created through microorganism culture with the same structure as fibers that make up the cell walls of plants (cellulose). A high molecule naturally derived sheet that uses natural microorganisms (Acetobacter Xylinum) to ferment natural ingredient (coconut water). And it also contains multi-hyaluronic acid, prevents moisture evaporation and provides 3D moisture deep within the skin.

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THE FACE SHOP Aqua Drop Pack Sleeping Mask

THE FACE SHOP Aqua Drop Pack Sleeping Mask was oil-free type of sleeping mask which give instant moisture to the skin. After apply it, my face feel soft, smooth and shining. However, I don’t like how it feel on my skin. It is suitable for normal to dry skin type.


With as much as 3,300mg of hyaluronic acid, this moisture enriched sleeping mask intensely hydrates and restores vitality to skin. It absorb quickly into my skin.


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THE FACE SHOP Honey Black Sugar Scrub

Today I would like to share with everyone my previous experience of using The Face Shop Honey Black Sugar Scrub. Black sugar scrubs are very popular and beneficial to exfoliating and smoothing out the texture of skin. The honey extract making skin smooth and glorious.


The Face Shop Honey Black Sugar Scrub contain carica papaya fruit extract, which have exfoliating properties that remove the appearance of dead skin. The honey, sugar and caramel scent feel sweet and relaxing.

The Face Shop Honey Black Sugar Scrub has a warming effect and you can feel the heat as you massage through the skin. After washing it off with warm water my face feels instantly smoother and softer. Use it once or twice a week only.

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The Face Shop Chia Seed Soothing Mist Toner

With popularity in recent years, Chia seeds have been at the highest demands ever. Chia seeds originated from Central and South America.

I have been using The Face Shop Chia Seed Soothing Mist Toner and Chia Seed Hydrating Toner for over a year. From old packing (glass bottle) to latest packing bottle (plastic bottle), I think the old glass bottle look nicer but if you need to travel a lot, I believe the new plastic bottle design was more convenience. It was a water-based toner and non-alcohol. It was also suitable for all type skin. Personally, I love the nice mild scent a lot.


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