Thean Chun Restaurant @ Ipoh, Perak

We was visiting Ipoh with my parent-in-law. We decided to try out the famous Kai See Hor Fun and Caramel Custard at Thean Chun Restarant, located opposite Concubine Lane. It was Sunday morning and it was very crowded. Lucky we manage to find a table to sit down before ordering our foods.

If you can’t find empty table, you can choose to sit at Restoran Ipoh Kong Heng or Zun Seng Fatt. They will also serve the Kai See Hor Fun to the two kopitiams beside.

Caramel custard was very nice. It was similar to Western’s creme caramel. Very smooth and melt in mouth. Most importantly is it wasn’t too sweet.

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K10 Claypot Chicken Rice @ Ipoh, Perak

Other than bean sprouts chicken rice, claypot chicken rice was also very famous in Ipoh and one of the most recommended by the locals was K10 Claypot Chicken Rice. The chicken rice in claypot was cooked over charcoal-fuelled fire.

We also ordered the refreshing ampula juice. It was thick ampula juice unlike many other places where they added too much water. You must try it when you come here for their claypot chicken rice.

Chicken feet was very delicious. My wife and my parents-in-law love them a lot.

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Ong Kee Bean Sprouts Chicken Restaurant @ Ipoh, Perak

Many tourist might visited Lou Wong got their bean sprouts chicken rice but personally I prefer Ong Kee Bean Sprouts Chicken Rice. Honestly they taste much nicer back 20+ years ago.

Ipoh’s bean sprouts was big and juicy. The portion was huge for 5 of us but we all love it. I think only bean sprouts from Ipoh was this good, I guess it has to do with the water quality in Ipoh.

The steamed chicken was so tender, although it was oily but they taste nice. It wasn’t as good as I remember but still acceptable level.

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Restauran Lou Wong Tauge Ayam @ Ipoh, Perak

Was on my way back to Penang from Cameron Highland, we decided to have lunch in Ipoh town. My wife wanted to try their famous Tauge Ayam or Bean Sprouts Chicken Rice. We decided to try the Restauran Lou Wong Tauge Ayam. I haven’t visit here for a very very long time.

The food is serve fast here even during crowded day. The chicken meat is kinda over-cooked and I strongly believe they should remove the chicken bones.

The bean sprouts is crunchy, juicy and fat. Served with soy sauce, sesame oil and black pepper. They are cooked lightly so it doesn’t over-cooked it and added Welsh onion on the top of the dish. I love it and it goes well with the rice and chili. Simple dish but amazing taste.

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