ARTISTRY IDEAL RADIANCE UV Protect SPF50+ PA++++ is now enhanced with IDEAL RADIANCE 3D technology. This breakthrough sun protection comes with SPF50+ PA++++ and a formula that safeguards skin from sun damage, future dark spots and discolouration.

ARTISTRY IDEAL RADIANCE UV Protect SPF50+ PA++++ is my favourites. The sun ray can diminish our skin’s ability to achieve true luminosity, even skin tone and translucency. That’s why we need a good sun protecting skincare product and I recommend this ARTISTRY IDEAL RADIANCE UV Protect SPF50+ PA++++.

3D Brightening reveals the three dimentions of radiance – Luminosity, Even Skin Tone and Translucency – by targeting the three depths of the skin’s surface. Exclusive MultiFlora Blend with powerful antioxidants shields skin from environmental aggressors, while building skin’s natural ability to protect itself against pigment darkening. Highly concentrated Pearl Protein reduces dark spots and discolouration by inhibiting inflammatory signals. 3D Technology, an exclusive delivery system, sends powerful brightening, soothing and hydrating ingredients to the deepest level of the skin’s surface.

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ARTISTRY YOUTH XTEND Rich Cleansing Foam is gentle yet effective foam cleanser that lifts dirt and impurities while nourishing and protecting skin. It cleanses skin, removing dirt, make-up and impurities.

Your skin also benefits from powerful antioxidants that preserve and protect. A special formula conditions and protects with skin-renewing ingredients like African Baobab Fruit and Oat extract. ARTISTRY YOUTH XTEND Rich Cleansing Foam is the perfect face wash for your anti-ageing skincare routine. Perfect for all skin types.

My mom-in-law was using this ARTISTRY YOUTH XTEND Rich Cleansing Foam and she loves it. It smells good and it cleans her face very effectively while keeping her skin smooth and soft. She washes her face morning and night with ARTISTRY YOUTH XTEND Rich Cleansing Foam.

Dampen the face with warm water follow with gently massage foam over the skin; it will form a thick lather. Comparing to the lather other cheap cleanser does, some might not like it.  I understand some people prefer product that could form a very very thick lather. Thick lather doesn’t mean it help to clean your face much better. Anyway, the final step is rinse thoroughly with warm water and pat dry before you use your toner.

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Discover The New & Advanced ARTISTRY Ideal Radiance Collection With Rhonda Solberg

Yesterday, I nearly forgot about the ARTISTRY event in Olive Tree Hotel, Penang. Luckily, my wife remind me yesterday when she reach home from work. So I decided to join her to the events. It was held in Olive Tree Hotel, located beside SPICE Arena, Penang.

We got stuck in traffic jam for about 25 minutes and by time we reach there it was just in time for the event to start. It was already fill with the crowds. We was register at the counter to collect product info booklet and sample .

Two lucky persons took back with them the new ARTISTRY Ideal Radiance product.

If you’re interested to join for the event too, kindly make yourself to the venue on time to try out first hand on the new ARTISTRY Ideal Radiance.

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ARTISTRY essentials Eye & Lip Makeup Remover

ARTISTRY essentials Eye & Lip Makeup Remover is one of the best makeup remover I ever use, also it was my favourite makeup remover.

ARTISTRY essentials Eye & Lip Makeup Remover remove stubborn makeup while soothing skin. Quickly and easily removes mascara and even bold lip colour without a trace. For the most stubborn water resistance makeup and it take two wipes and it totally remove from my skin. I using it everyday and single bottle it last me for a very long time. Even if I don’t wear any makeup, I still using it to remove any dirt and oil from my skin before I use my ARTISTRY HYDRA-V Fresh Foaming Cleanser.

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ARTISTRY HYDRA-V Refreshing Moisture Mask

One of the ARTISTRY latest product was the ARTISTRY HYDRA-V Refreshing Moisture Mask. We has been tested it for 2 weeks and we found this ARTISTRY HYDRA-V Refreshing Moisture Mask was wonderful.

It keep my face so hydrated for 12 hours continuously. Last time, before I start using ARTISTRY products my face moisture level was very bad and it was only around 16%-19%. After 4 months of using ARTISTRY Men products, my skin moisture level improved to around 32% to 35% (in aircon room condition).

The cream look pearl white when you squeeze it out from the tube. So make sure you squeeze the amount enough to cover your face fully. Let it on your skin for about 15 minutes, enough time for our skin to absorb it.

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ARTISTRY Men Enviving Emulsion

ARTISTRY Men Enviving Emulsion is my final step in my daily facial care procedure after applying serum. It provides the power of long-lasting up to 24 hours moisturisation to revive the healthy look of men’s skin.

ARTISTRY Men Enviving Emulsion feels light and smooth on the skin. It feel wet and smooth on my skin. It easily absorbs by my skin and leave a soft smooth touch.

If you at outdoor doing sports, then I suggest you no need to put on ARTISTRY Men Enviving Emulsion. If you have long drive outside in car or long hours in air-conditioning room, I strongly recommend you to use ARTISTRY Men Enviving Emulsion after you applying on serum. After the ARTISTRY Men Serum Concentrate, dispense a small coin-sized amount of Enviving Emulsion into palm of hand. Apply to the face and neck with a massaging motion; avoid immediate eye area.

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