NUTRILITE BodyKey Nutty Dark Chocolate Wellness Bar

I would love to thank to my friend for bringing back this tasteful and well-balanced snack from United States.

Rich in nutrition, texture and it was so flavourful. Filling and delicious, mixes crunchy peanut butter and decadent dark chocolate to indulge your chocolate craving. Most importantly, it was well-balanced snack and so convenient for our daily lifestyle. Simple just snatch-and-go.

NUTRILITE BodyKey Nutty Dark Chocolate Wellness Bar contains naturally, flavorful and wholesome ingredients. It has non-GMO ingredients and gluten free. And most importantly it has no artificial colours, flavors or preservatives. It contains 5 grams fiber and 8 grams protein.

I recommend you to take NUTRILITE All Plant Protein Powder with this NUTRILITE BodyKey Nutty Dark Chocolate Wellness Bar. You could have this bar before going for exercise and then follow up with your NUTRILITE All Plant Protein Powder or NUTRILITE Meal Replacement Shake.

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PANPURI Eastern Touch Massage Essentials Kit

PANPURI Eastern Touch Massage Essentials Kit is travel-friendly and convenient to use whether at home, in the office, in traffic jam or on a jet. The PANPURI Eastern Touch Massage Essentials Kit includes Eastern Touch Massage Tool, Inner Peace Honey Milk Bath & Body Massage Oil, Leading Light Precious Wood Bath & Body Massage Oil, Come Clean Anti-oxidant Milk Bath & Body Massage Oil and Solitude Soothing Milk Bath & Body Massage Oil.

I bought it from the PANPURI shop in one of the Bangkok shopping mall during my trip last June. What so special about the PANPURI massage oil was it works as milk bath too.

You can drop a few drops into your bath tub and take a dip in it. It keep my skin smooth and moisture.

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Femime Plus Hygiene Wash

Femime Plus Hygiene Wash contains natural ingredients helps improving the wellbeing of the female intimate area. It is not only cleanses and refreshes but also care for intimate wellbeing.

It has refreshing apple fragrance. It helps restore the acidity of the vagina. It also helps minimize itchiness, discomfort and irritation as well as unpleasant odors while providing all day long comfort.
It is suitable for daily use even during menstruation.

Just pour small amount on to the palm. Lather and apply to intimate area evenly. Then rinse well with water before wipe dry with clean towel.

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NUTRILITE Bodykey Meal Replacement Shake

NUTRILITE Bodykey Meal Replacement Shake is the #1 meal replacement shake globally that contains no artificial flavours, colours, sweeteners, or preservatives. NUTRILITE Bodykey Meal Replacement Shake are geared toward individuals who need to lose weight the convenient way.

It is a scientifically formulated, well-balanced meal containing 25 vitamins and minerals that provides you with at least one third of your daily nutritional needs while controlling your calorie intake. NUTRILITE Bodykey Meal Replacement Shake provide 15 total grams of protein: 7 from soy and 8 from dairy.

It has three favours; Chocolate, Vanilla and Cafe Au Lait. I personally prefer Chocolate favour. And my wife love Chocolate favour too and she would add in NUTRILITE All Plant Protein Powder (chocolate favour). It taste very much like Starbuck or Coffee Bean’s chocolate drink.

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You might know NUTRILITE Daily if you had follow our old reviews. NUTRILITE Double X is the enhancement version of NUTRILITE Daily.

Why choose NUTRILITE Double X? NUTRILITE Double X contains 12 essential vitamins, 9 essential minerals and 17 phytonutrient-rich plant concentrates. The plant concentrates in NUTRILITE supplements contain a generous amount of phytonutrients from a variety of coloured fruits and vegetables to help you achieve optimal health naturally. NUTRILITE Double X contains Phytonutrient Plant Compounds from 17 plant sources in total i.e. acerola cherry, alfalfa, citrus bioflavonoids, oregano, broccoli, apple, asparagus, cranberry, grape, kale, marigold, tomato, pomegranate, prune, rosemary, wild blueberry and sage.

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