The Artistry Men UNKNOWN was developed in collaboration with the prestigious fragrance house of IFF (International Flavors and Fragrances) and innovative sourcing laboratories in Southern France. A global leader in scent creation, its perfumers have designed the world’s most memorable, well-loved scents for more than 125 years.

It is designed for men, including the bottle which is inspired by masculine forms with a square shape, round corners and a substantial weight that feels comfortable in a man’s hand. Personally, I love the design of the bottle and the black colour make me feel so class.

Top note was Bergamot; which grown in southern Italy, this crisp, zesty, uplifting note is derived from a citrus fruit. Middle note was Clary Sage; soft and slightly sweet has a calming effect. While the base note was Patchouli; a member of the mint family from Indonesia, the rich, woody scent grounds the fragrance with masculinity.

Artistry Men UNKNOWN was very long lasting. So far it last more than 8 hours in indoor environment. It is suitable for any occasion.

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