The Artistry Men UNKNOWN was developed in collaboration with the prestigious fragrance house of IFF (International Flavors and Fragrances) and innovative sourcing laboratories in Southern France. A global leader in scent creation, its perfumers have designed the world’s most memorable, well-loved scents for more than 125 years.

It is designed for men, including the bottle which is inspired by masculine forms with a square shape, round corners and a substantial weight that feels comfortable in a man’s hand. Personally, I love the design of the bottle and the black colour make me feel so class.

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Arang Coffee @ Bayan Baru, Penang

One of the famous cafe in Bayan Baru area was the Arang Coffee. Situated near SPICE and just beside Olive Tree Hotel. A nice place to hang out with brunch of buddies and family to enjoy a cup of coffee and some delicious meals.

We love coffee too so we ordered their Hot Mocha and Hot Salted Caramel Latte. Really enjoying the aroma of the coffee here. Both prepared in the right temperature to enhance the aroma of the coffee to the right point.

Chicken Parmigiana was awesome. Careful as the chicken meat and the cheese was so boiling hot. Wedges was also hot when it serve to our table, one of the best wedges. I still can’t forget how temptation it was. The outer layer of chicken meat was thin (not too thick) and crispy. It still juicy, so it wasn’t too dry. I dislike where the meat is too dry or too oily. This is perfect!

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Restoran 5 Utara Thai Seafood @ Sungai Petani, Kedah

Visiting this restaurant with my wife and my in-laws. Was told by friends that their Steamed Fish with Sweet White Radish was very nice. So we decide to give it a try.

Hot Plate Toufu was very delicious and it is boiling hot upon serve to our table. It was raining night so even the hot plate toufu did not last long before it start to get cold.

Steamed Fish with Sweet White Radish was perfectly steamed. The fish was so fresh. It wasn’t the best Steamed Fish with Sweet White Radish but it was very nice too.

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Hoshino Coffee @ Queensbay Mall, Penang

Hoshino Coffee open a new branch in Queensbay Mall early of the year. The restaurant serves Japanese mixed Western food such as pasta, paella, souffles and curry rice.

You have to queue up to wait for the waitress to serve you to the table available. You have to place your order on the piece of order list before pressing on the calling button.

Hot Fruits Tea was basically enough for two pax and you can also ask them for refill. Bear in mind, they only refill with hot water so don’t expect the taste to be strong.

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