Ah Restaurant @ Hatyai, Thailand

Ah Restaurant was the must try Hatyai’s local restaurant. We found this gem while we walk around town center for dinner. We revisit them again on the next day to try different dishes. It located near to Kim Yong Market in Hatyai.

Sweet & Sour Sauce Fish was very delicious. Fish was deep fried but it still preserve the juicy meat with crispy skin.

Seafood Tom Yam Kong was the best tom yam kong I ever had in Hatyai. Trust me that you guys really need to try it. All the ingredients was very fresh include the fish meat, squid and shrimp. Strong lemongrass scent if you love it. I can eat atleast two bowls of white rice with this tom yam kong.

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Chen Long Boat Noodle @ Hatyai, Thailand

Chen Long Boat Noodle was the most popular boat noodle soup in Hatyai, Thailand.  It is not an eatery opened by Hong Kong actor, Jackie Chan. They serve braised beef or pork boat noodle. They have 4 different types of noodles. It can be serve in soup, dry and tomyam.

Surpringly we all order beehoon noodle and we all choose soup type. Served with meatballs, pork slice as well as vegetable. It is also serve fresh raw vegetables and bean sprouts. You can add into your noodle soup.

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Ume Sushi Restaurant @ Sungai Petani, Kedah

We decided to bring my parents-in-law to have dinner here, Ume Sushi Restaurant. It wasn’t difficult to locate Ume Sushi Restaurant as it was located inside Park Avenue Hotel in Sungai Petani, Kedah.

Chicken Cha Siu Don was very delicious but unfortunately they are not serve in hot bowl condition. We found it was start getting cold with only slight warm on the rice at the bottom of the bowl.

Scallop Teppanyaki Teishoku which I was expecting nicer but the scallop was deep fried instead of grilled. Totally disappointed and when it was serve to our table it wasn’t hot at all. Only the steam egg was serve hot.

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McDonald’s @ Lee Gardens Plaza, Hatyai, Thailand

We decided to try out the McDonald’s in Hatyai. It was my third time having the Thailand’s McDonald. For those who never have the chance to taste out the pork burger. In Malaysia, we don’t have this in our McDonald’s menu because it wasn’t halal.

Samurai Pork Burger was delicious with the juicy pork patty in teriyaki sauce. It serve with lettuce, tomato, onions, and mayo.

Classic Angus Beef Burger was awesome. I was surprise that the angus beef was juicy inside although it look dry outside. The beef patty was more delicious than the beef patty we usually eaten in McDonald’s Malaysia.

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Maybelline Eye+Lip Make Up Remover

One of my make up remover was the Maybelline Eye+Lip Make Up Remover. This make up remover quickly and easily remove the stubborn mascara. It has a light scent.

No fancy design on the packaging and yet it is simple transparent plastic bottle. It is light and very portable. Easy to carry around for travel purpose.

Shake well before use and soak the cotton with the make up remover. Wipe it on your eyes and lips. After that you can wash your face with your daily face wash product.

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