747 Hainanese Restaurant @ Georgetown, Penang

If you are a Penangite, you should hear of the 747 Hainanese Restaurant or some people call them 747. Formerly they situated at YMCA in Macalister Road. Then they moved to Transfer Road and now they moved to Lebuhraya Peel. Very near to Hong Hock See Temple.

The staffs was very friendly and very helpful. And our orders start to serve to our table within 10 minutes.

They serve one of the best Hainanese dishes here in Penang. We ordered their famous Spring Roll and trust me. You will definitely falling in love with it. Strongly recommend this to everyone.

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The Hilltop By Thonglor @ Balik Pulau, Penang

The Hilltop By Thonglor was situated for a spectacular view of Balik Pulau town with superb sunset view. The entrance to the restaurant was located in Anjung Indah.

Fried Water Spinach with Sambal was nothing special except it is very spicy. We was kinda disappointed and it was one of the worst we ever have.

Fried Balitong with Sambal again bring us the disappointment. We was expecting it taste nicer.

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Diamond Restaurant & Seafood Steamboat @ Sungai Ara, Penang

We came here for celebrating Father Day. It was very crowded and lots of car so we have to park far down the road.

Luckily there are two empty tables and so we choose one of the table. They have indoor and outdoor tables, ofcourse indoor have air-conditioning. Indoor was totally fully booked by customers. We place our order and less than 15 minutes, they start to serve it to our table.

Marmite Chicken is pretty normal and nothing fancy decoration on the plate. Although we did order small portion but it was definitely smaller than our expectation.

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Fuku Matcha @ Central Festival Mall, Hatyai, Thailand

We found Fuku Matcha at the 4th floor of Central Festival Mall, Hatyai. Fuku Matcha is a Thai food company, many mistaken it as Korean. They import premium and quality matcha and tea from Kyoto, Japan. They offer only 100% authentic fresh milk. Not the sweeten dairy creamer as part of their main ingredient. This way it is healthier.

Well, we not into matcha ice-cream this time as I was very thirsty for some drinks. Decided the try out their matcha drinks. So we ordered the Matcha Latte with Matcha soft serve and red beans on top, while the pearls on the bottom of it. We found nearly the while cup filled with ice so because we was thirsty, so we finish it off very quick. I believe if it was ice-blended, it would be nicer. 100 % authentic fresh milk without components of artificial cream.

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NIVEA Watering Lip Lemongrass Caring Lip Balm

I personally tried few lip balms before and this one provide my favourite scents, lemongrass. NIVEA Watering Lip Lemongrass Caring Lip Balm enhanced with Hydra IQ moisture technology for deep moisturisation.

The balm is an ivory white like other lip balms but it has the mild scent of lemongrass. Very mild and it doesn’t last long for the scent. It has lotus extract for long-lasting moistened lips. Unfortunately, it doesn’t keep my lips moisture for a very long time. Not so long-lasting after all. If I apply it at night, and I found it is making my lips start peeling a little bit more than usual on the next morning.

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