NIVEA Watering Lip Lemongrass Caring Lip Balm

I personally tried few lip balms before and this one provide my favourite scents, lemongrass. NIVEA Watering Lip Lemongrass Caring Lip Balm enhanced with Hydra IQ moisture technology for deep moisturisation.

The balm is an ivory white like other lip balms but it has the mild scent of lemongrass. Very mild and it doesn’t last long for the scent. It has lotus extract for long-lasting moistened lips. Unfortunately, it doesn’t keep my lips moisture for a very long time. Not so long-lasting after all. If I apply it at night, and I found it is making my lips start peeling a little bit more than usual on the next morning.

The packaging is simple with translucent cap shuts with a click and can be easily carry around.

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