Month: June 2018


Evian Natural Mineral Water Facial Spray

Evian Natural Mineral Water Facial Spray was one of the facial mist me and my wife use nearly everyday. Made of 100% natural mineral water that is mineral balanced and neutral pH. It helps hydrates, tones and refreshes all skin types included sensitive skin. My wife normally will spray it after make up. While for me, […]

Food & Beverage

Kan Eng Restaurant @ Hatyai, Thailand

We visit Hatyai recently during a family trip with my parents and my aunts. It was recommended by many friends but it was my first time here. It wasn’t my first Hatyai trip and I love Thai food a lot. It took awhile before our lunch was serve to our table. The first dish serve […]

Food & Beverage

Cowboy Street Cafe @ Victoria Street, Penang

Cowboy Street Cafe serve varieties of Foo Chow dishes, Teow Chew dishes and they also serve bento sets and English breakfast. It located at the corner of Victoria Street and Armenian Street Ghaut. I choose their Sour & Spicy Fish Beehoon and it was superb. Topped with four big slice of fried fish and it was […]

Food & Beverage

Royaltea @ Queensbay Mall, Penang

Royaltea bring you an unique journey through authentic flavours. When tasting the Royal Cheese series, do not use the straw. Open the cap and tilt the cup to 45 degree. Let your lips close contact with the cheese and the drink underneath. We ordered the Royal Cheese Matcha and it taste unique and fantastic. Feel the […]