Scentio Tofu Soy Milk Salt Scrub

Running out of body scrub, so this trip to Hatyai we want to buy some body scrub especially salt type scrub. We went to Central Festival Mall Hatyai and we bought this Scentio Tofu Soy Milk Salt Scrub from Beauty Buffet.

Scentio Tofu Soy Milk Salt Scrub provides gentle yet intense exfoliating for skin. It consists of soy milk and tofu to help soften and whiten skin, while the sea salt help to remove dead skin to effectively cleanse and yet provide gently exfoliate to clear away rough, dull surface skin cells without irritating. You won’t feel your skin dry up after using this product.

Yogurt extract wonderfully helps to make our skin silky and smooth. Royal Jelly improves smoothness firmness and overall tone and texture.

The texture of the scrub look like white tofu and it feel very smooth with bit of roughness from the salt within it.

It contains natural ingredients. Safe for the sensitive skin too. So you don’t have to worry if you have sensitive skin type. Perfect for dull and rough skin type. It help to reveal a younger and brighter looking skin.

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