ROSKEN Dry Skin Wash

ROSKEN was started by two Australian Pharmacists who wanted to create a range of products that protect and repair skin. ROSKEN Dry Skin Wash locks in moisture while cleansing the body.

The Rosken Dry Skin Wash has a mild but effective formula which works miraculously even for sensitive skin. The Rosken Dry Skin Wash, enriched with Vitamin E to help protect the skin.  Leave my skin feeling moisturised and refreshed.

I have a seriously dry skin. It looks dry and easily-scratched. Sometime my skin will cracks especially during November to February month. This product is really good and strongly recommended for dry skin.

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INNISFREE It’s Real Squeeze Mask – Part #2

I order again from HERMO and they deliver it to my door step the next day afternoon. So let me try them out and reviews it for everyone.

This time I choose Kiwi, Manuka Honey, Strawberry, Lime and Rose. This triple-layer sheet mask has a long-lasting moisturizing effect so that the essence can gradually be absorbed into the skin.

After washing your face, gently apply toner to your face to even out your skin texture.  Remove the mask and place it tightly on the face, avoiding the eyes and lips. I strongly recommended kept the mask for 15-20 minutes and do not wait until it is totally dry.

I trying out the Kiwi sheet mask, it was so soft and smooth after the mask. But somehow it feel sticky, so personally I don’t really like this Kiwi sheet mask. It said to leave it looking clear and brighter. I didn’t notice it brighten my skin in anyway.

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SATINIQUE Smooth Moisture Shampoo

The SATINIQUE Smooth Moisture Shampoo was designed to restores lost moisture from root to tip and improves hair manageability, giving you the best solution for dull and dry hair.

The texture was in white colour.

If you have very dull and dry hair, don’t wait and faster get this SATINIQUE Smooth Moisture Shampoo to revive your dull and dry hair to a smooth and shiny hair look in no time. My hair look smoother and shinier now after using them for a month. Friend was asking why my hair look smoother, and I introduce them SATINIQUE Smooth Moisture Shampoo.

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2F+ Coffee Roastery @ Relau, Penang

It was my birthday and my dear wife bring me over to this cafe. It located in Relau and it is near to SPICE Arena. Is a problem if you want to find a parking infront of the cafe. Limited parking space infront of the cafe and I not sure it is legal parking space or not. Lucky, we manage get to park infront of the cafe that night.

Don’t drive too fast if you coming from Relau area heading to SPICE Arena or Bukit Jambul Complex. We nearly miss it too.

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