OXY Whitening Oil Control Wash

OXY Whitening Oil Control Wash has soft micro beads that exfoliates while brighten up the skin. This helps to remove dead skin cells and prevent pores from clogging. It does not only effectively control sebum secretion for a cleaner matte look but it also reveals a fairer and brighter. And I do feel fresh on my skin.

However it doesn’t work well with oil control. 2 hours later I felt my skin was start getting oily. It didn’t really keep my skin moisture. My face getting dry after few hours and the T-zone turn oily.

After 4 weeks, I notice it did whitening my skin and my pores felt fresh and clean.

First you have to wet your face before squeeze small amount onto palm. Start lather with small amount of water and massage gently onto face. Finally rinse thoroughly.

I finish the whole tube and I feel it is not suitable for me. Pricing wise it is very affordable for everyone but whether it suitable for you or not, you need to decide it after trying them.

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