BRYLCREEM Wet Look Hair Styling Gel

BRYLCREEM Wet Look Hair Styling Gel can hold my hair well while keep it looks wet ad shine. It holds my hair in style for almost 6 hours and my hair smell with the scent of the gel after 5 hours. Unfortunately, I not fancy of the smell that much.

BRYLCREEM Wet Look Hair Styling Gel doesn’t contain alcohol. It doesn’t create flake when I comb my hair.

I dislike the BRYLCREEM Wet Look Hair Styling Gel because it kinda sticky and oil. Without applying it, my hair wasn’t that oily. If under hot weather, it gets oilier than ever. I also notice everytime after I use it, my forehead felt like oily. On weekend, I don’t apply them if I was at home. My forehead and my hair don’t seem oily.

Basically, I use it just to hold my hair in style after comb.

If you have budget concern, I think you can try it. It is very affordable for everyone.

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