BRYLCREEM Wet Look Hair Styling Gel

BRYLCREEM Wet Look Hair Styling Gel can hold my hair well while keep it looks wet ad shine. It holds my hair in style for almost 6 hours and my hair smell with the scent of the gel after 5 hours. Unfortunately, I not fancy of the smell that much.

BRYLCREEM Wet Look Hair Styling Gel doesn’t contain alcohol. It doesn’t create flake when I comb my hair.

I dislike the BRYLCREEM Wet Look Hair Styling Gel because it kinda sticky and oil. Without applying it, my hair wasn’t that oily. If under hot weather, it gets oilier than ever. I also notice everytime after I use it, my forehead felt like oily. On weekend, I don’t apply them if I was at home. My forehead and my hair don’t seem oily.

Basically, I use it just to hold my hair in style after comb.

If you have budget concern, I think you can try it. It is very affordable for everyone.

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OXY Whitening Oil Control Wash

OXY Whitening Oil Control Wash has soft micro beads that exfoliates while brighten up the skin. This helps to remove dead skin cells and prevent pores from clogging. It does not only effectively control sebum secretion for a cleaner matte look but it also reveals a fairer and brighter. And I do feel fresh on my skin.

However it doesn’t work well with oil control. 2 hours later I felt my skin was start getting oily. It didn’t really keep my skin moisture. My face getting dry after few hours and the T-zone turn oily.

After 4 weeks, I notice it did whitening my skin and my pores felt fresh and clean.

First you have to wet your face before squeeze small amount onto palm. Start lather with small amount of water and massage gently onto face. Finally rinse thoroughly.

I finish the whole tube and I feel it is not suitable for me. Pricing wise it is very affordable for everyone but whether it suitable for you or not, you need to decide it after trying them.

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EVERSOFT Skinz Ultra Rich Renewal Firming Cream

EVERSOFT Skinz Ultra Rich Renewal Firming Cream or EVERSOFT Skinz Youth Recall Ultra Rich Renewal Firming Cream was design to works all night long to combat fine lines and repair wrinkle signs as you sleep. It is enriched with phytosphingosine derivative that works synergistically with Phyto-Collagen and Super Hyaluronic Acid.

The cream was in white colour. This cream restores skin firmness and radiance by replenishing lost moisture at night, rebuilds weakened collagen structure and repairs skin barrier function to enhance skin smoothness whilst encouraging skin recovery by morning.

It supposed to reduce wrinkles and fine lines but I didn’t notice any dramatic changes on my mom face after more than a month of using this.

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EVERSOFT Skinz Hydrating Toning Lotion

Most of you might hear of the brand EVERSOFT before. EVERSOFT Skinz Hydrating Toning Lotion or EVERSOFT Skinz Youth Recall Hydrating Toning Lotion can be bought easily from local hypermarket or pharmacy. The bottle design was simple and classic with all red and metallic cap.

The lotion is translucent gel like lotion. It keeps my face hydrated whole day. This product is fortified with Hiaruron San (Super Hyaluronic Acid) that provides double hydration and softening effect that will last 24 hours. At the same time, my face feels so soft but also I felt my face very oily.

It contains Wakame Seaweed, which is rich in Phyto-Collagen, helps replenish colagen levels and visibility also helps reduces wrinkles and restore skin elasticity.

Simply pour onto your palm. Then start massage the face and neck area in upward circular motion. After that softly tap your skin for better absorption.

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