THE BODY SHOP Strawberry Shower Gel

I would like to introduce everyone THE BODY SHOP Strawberry Shower Gel. The bottle is leak proof and travel friendly but to me it is quite heavy.

THE BODY SHOP Strawberry Shower Gel is a soap-free shower gel that contains strawberry oils extracted from cold presses strawberry seeds. It manages to remove dirt and oil from my skin. It lather well, rinses off easily and it is suitable for daily use. My skin feels so refreshing and soft. But so far it did not dramatically increase moisture level of my skin.

It smells so sweet and fruity. I love the smell of the sweet strawberry, that’s why I choose THE BODY SHOP Strawberry Shower Gel.

Honestly, THE BODY SHOP Strawberry Shower Gel is not really suitable for very dry skin type. If you’re very dry skin type, I suggest you to try other product which provide high moisture and keep the skin hydrated.

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Elite House @ Penang

Elite House was under Bali Hai Group of Restaurants, previously it was known as Stone Bay Restaurant.

As usual, four combination platter was serve first. Nothing special for the first dish but they all taste well. So we finish them all before the next dish.

One of my favourite dish, Elite House Stone Pot Dragon Tiger Grouper. I strongly recommend this for everyone. It taste so fresh and juicy. The Stone Pot was heated so hot before they pour the fish meat and other ingredients into the stone pot for  cooking for few minutes.

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