The new Bio C Plus All Day Formula is a convenient way to supplement a healthy diet daily. Using extended release technology, Bio C Plus All Day Formula helps replenish vitamin C by delivering a slow, steady release of the nutrient. This slow release improves the total utilisation of vitamin C in the body and reduces the waste often associated with large doses of instant release vitamin C, making it work better in enhancing overall well-being. Better absorption means more usable vitamin C per tablet.

But if you are sick and need faster release of the vitamin C from the tablet, you can just break the tablet into two. This will speed up the release of vitamin C.

500 mg means the nutritional equivalent of a huge amount of fruits that few of us may consider eating. Recommended 2~3 tablets per day for adult. If you’re sick or catching flu, you can take 6 tablets per day. NUTRILITE Bio C Plus are gentle on stomach.

It has no colouring, no preservative and no sweetening. I dislike many vitamin C on market which containing high sweetening and also colouring to make the tablets look more attractive.

Check out about NUTRILITE Bio C Plus’s extended release technology:

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