MENTHOLATUM FOR MEN Men’s Aqua Cool Lipbalm

MENTHOLATUM MEN’s Aqua Cool Lipbalm was my favourite lipbalm with an unique water formulation that provides a menthol cooling sensation. The best part was it was also include with SPF 15. It help to protect our lips from sun-ray that cause sunburn and damage the outer layers of skin especially our lips which is so vulnerable to sun-ray. MENTHOLATUM MEN’s Aqua Cool Lipbalm include with Vitamin E, Aloe Extracts and Macadamia Oil, help to soothe dry and chapped lips.

I use it very often to help keep my lips from cracking. I do drink a lot of water but still my lips will dry quickly and crack easily. My lips cracking condition reduce dramatically after I taking NUTRILITE Double X and applying this MENTHOLATUM FOR MEN Men’s Aqua Cool Lipbalm.

It actually suitable for all ages and both men and women. MENTHOLATUM FOR MEN Men’s Aqua Cool Lipbalm is more suitable for normal and dry skin type. It is fragrance free lipbalm. I very dislike those lipbalm which they include fragrance into it.

Strongly recommend this MENTHOLATUM MEN’s Aqua Cool Lipbalm for any men who working indoor with air-conditioning. In air-conditioning room, our lips dry even faster so you definitely need lipbalm to keep your lips soothe and moisture.

Like other lipbalms, it is very small in size and easy to carry around.

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