Asam Pedas @ Queens Hall, Queensbay Mall, Penang

We visited Queens Hall, Queensbay Mall. We both feeling to have something spicy so we choose from one of the stall. They used to sell the best Asam Pedas dishes.

Set Asam Pedas Ikan Pari was not as spicy as before and the portion was smaller. Last time, it was more spicky and the curry is thicker. The fish (Ikan Pari) was also bigger piece before and now it shrink to smaller piece.

Set Nasi Lemak Ayam Masak Merah was also very disappointed with the chicken. Taste not as good as I expected.

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Jok Prince @ Bangkok

Porridge or rice porridge may sound boring to many but Jok Prince’s pork porridge is absolutely the best in Bangkok. Jok Prince is located in small alley beside the row of shop houses. What so special of their porridge was the smoky scent, due to the using of the charcoal stove. And the porridge is so smooth and soft.

The porridge serves with fresh ginger slivers, coriander and grounded pork. You can also choose to have egg (black egg or raw egg). The raw egg added extra creamy taste to it. You can also try out their pork entrails but we don’t like animal entrails. Like many others would order their yu tiao or yu cha kuay.

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Prachak Pet Yang @ Bangkok

Prachak Pet Yang is very well-known Chinese-style roasted duck in Bangkok. I would say it was the best roasted duck I tasted in Bangkok. They start selling the roasted duck for more than a century, since 1909. They are roasted in mangrove wood coal oven.

Their roasted duck meat was perfectly roasted with crispy skin and soft meat, filled with aromatic smell. If you not interested in their roasted duck rice, you can simply choose from their varieties choice. The price is also very reasonable.

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BAUSCH + LOMB Renu Fresh Multi Purpose Solution

BAUSCH + LOMB Renu Fresh Multi Purpose Solution rinses, stores and removes irritating protein daily for that fresh contact lens feeling.

I not an expert in eye care but this BAUSCH + LOMB Renu Fresh Multi Purpose Solution do provide me the comfort of wearing them. I also like their clear plastic bottle design. The plastic is also pretty soft so you can easily squeeze it out.

I use other brands before but this brand only start using it more than a month ago. It was affordable and economical compare to other brands. But it wasn’t the best product which provide significant moisture level.

Place 3 drops on each side of the lens surface and gently rub for 20 seconds. Thoroughly rinse each side of the lens for 5 seconds. Place cleaned contact lens in the lens case and fill with BAUSCH + LOMB Renu Fresh Multi Purpose Solution. Soak at least 4 hours.

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MENTHOLATUM FOR MEN Men’s Aqua Cool Lipbalm

MENTHOLATUM MEN’s Aqua Cool Lipbalm was my favourite lipbalm with an unique water formulation that provides a menthol cooling sensation. The best part was it was also include with SPF 15. It help to protect our lips from sun-ray that cause sunburn and damage the outer layers of skin especially our lips which is so vulnerable to sun-ray. MENTHOLATUM MEN’s Aqua Cool Lipbalm include with Vitamin E, Aloe Extracts and Macadamia Oil, help to soothe dry and chapped lips.

I use it very often to help keep my lips from cracking. I do drink a lot of water but still my lips will dry quickly and crack easily. My lips cracking condition reduce dramatically after I taking NUTRILITE Double X and applying this MENTHOLATUM FOR MEN Men’s Aqua Cool Lipbalm.

It actually suitable for all ages and both men and women. MENTHOLATUM FOR MEN Men’s Aqua Cool Lipbalm is more suitable for normal and dry skin type. It is fragrance free lipbalm. I very dislike those lipbalm which they include fragrance into it.

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