THE FACE SHOP Chia Seed Hydrating Mask Sheet

THE FACE SHOP Chia Seed Hydrating Mask Sheet is one of the most recommended mask sheet that contains extracts from chia seed which holds moisture ten times more than average. White cotton sheet mask soaked with chia seed infused serum. The liquid of the serum is slightly thicker than average.

The scent of the THE FACE SHOP Chia Seed Hydrating Mask Sheet is pleasant and floral based. I like the scent of the mask sheet.

I recommend to remove the mask sheet after 10~15 minutes. Do not wait until it completely dry. I know many people would actually remove the mask sheet after they are completely dry off.

THE FACE SHOP Chia Seed Hydrating Mask Sheet delivers pure natural energy on skin with natural energy of plants and unbleached organic pure cotton sheet.  The mask sheet from the miraculous seed “Chia Seed” that is known to provide nutrition and moisture to skin.

My skin feel very moisture, soften and silky smooth after using the mask sheet and I love the long lasting effect of it. It contains no sulphate, no artificial pigment, no alcohol and no mineral oil. It is suitable on all skin types, even on sensitive skin.

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Granny’s Hokkien Mee @ Taman Lip Sin, Penang

Revisited this Granny’s Hokkien Mee in Taman Lip Sin, Penang. Is easy to locate this place as it situated just beside Pan Palace Plaza or Sunshine Lip Sin. Hokkien Mee also known as Hokkien Prawn Mee or Prawn Mee.

Everyone know the main attraction of the Hokkien Mee was the soup. I’m very particulate with the soup of the Hokkien Mee. The success or failure of Hokkien Mee is strongly determine by the soup. Hokkien Mee consists of egg noodles and rice noodles with egg, slices of pork, prawns, vegetables, pork lard and sambal sauce.

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Overstepped Cafe @ Sungai Petani, Kedah

It was my first time visiting the Overstepped Café in Sungai Petani, Kedah. Was here with my dear wife and a friend to enjoy our dinner. It was my wife second visit. Overstepped Café was located on the second floor of the shop lot, situated behind Emerald Puteri Hotel.

Service here was good and we were greets by the friendly waiters and waitresses. Because it was Chinese New Year so it was very crowded.

Chicken Breast & Chips look simple but it taste good. The chicken breast is huge in portion with right amount of  BBQ source.

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NIVEA Intensive Moisture Body Milk

NIVEA Intensive Moisture Body Milk enriched with Vitamin E and grape seed oil, it intensively moisturizes for noticeably softer, smoother and suppler skin within 7 days. It was a wonderful skin moisturizer. It really works well for my skin as I have a very dry skin on my hands and legs. I use to have crack skin especially during November to March. After using it, my dry skin condition has been improved dramatically.

It is very light and non-greasy. The lotion absorbs by our skin very quickly when you apply them. And you won’t feel sticky at all. My skin feels soft, smooth and moisture.

The scent of the lotion is very mild and pleasant. I love it a lot and so is my wife too. I use it everyday when I first bought it and since my skin condition improved, now I apply them about 3~4 days a week.

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