Discover The New & Advanced ARTISTRY Ideal Radiance Collection With Rhonda Solberg

Yesterday, I nearly forgot about the ARTISTRY event in Olive Tree Hotel, Penang. Luckily, my wife remind me yesterday when she reach home from work. So I decided to join her to the events. It was held in Olive Tree Hotel, located beside SPICE Arena, Penang.

We got stuck in traffic jam for about 25 minutes and by time we reach there it was just in time for the event to start. It was already fill with the crowds. We was register at the counter to collect product info booklet and sample .

Two lucky persons took back with them the new ARTISTRY Ideal Radiance product.

If you’re interested to join for the event too, kindly make yourself to the venue on time to try out first hand on the new ARTISTRY Ideal Radiance.

The new products infuse with calm and smooth scent of Star Lily. We love the scent a lot and it was not too strong. The powerful new Star Lily blend formulated with the precious and pure white Star Lily. The new AA2G skin-brightening technology is an exceptionally potent skin brightener.

I would love to get my hand on the ARTISTRY Ideal Radiance Spot Essence Concentrate once it was available next week. Might also get one for my mom too.

Rhonda Solberg also reveal to us the new and incoming product, ARTISTRY Intensive Skincare Boosting Infusion. This new product help to protects skin against the harmful effects of pollution and also boosting the effect of other ARTISTRY products. My wife want it desperately on this new product.

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