NATIO Eye Contour Treatment Gel

NATIO Eye Contour Treatment Gel provides the gentle and vital care needed to help revitalise the eye contour area, diminishing the appearance of dark circles, puffiness and ageing lines.

NATIO Eye Contour Treatment Gel contains extracts from Cornflower and Chamomile to soften, soothe and firm. Cucumber to moisturise and cool. Calming Calendula.

NATIO Eye Contour Treatment Gel is fragrance-free. This gorgeous gel will leave you feeling awake and fresh. Use in the morning or when needed. Lightly pat onto skin around the eyes. Not recommended for overnight use.

NATIO Eye Contour Treatment Gel slightly reduced eye bags but it not working so well on my dark circle.

It works for all skin types. You can also carry it around while travel because it was only 35g, very lightweight.

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