ARTISTRY essentials Eye & Lip Makeup Remover

ARTISTRY essentials Eye & Lip Makeup Remover is one of the best makeup remover I ever use, also it was my favourite makeup remover.

ARTISTRY essentials Eye & Lip Makeup Remover remove stubborn makeup while soothing skin. Quickly and easily removes mascara and even bold lip colour without a trace. For the most stubborn water resistance makeup and it take two wipes and it totally remove from my skin. I using it everyday and single bottle it last me for a very long time. Even if I don’t wear any makeup, I still using it to remove any dirt and oil from my skin before I use my ARTISTRY HYDRA-V Fresh Foaming Cleanser.

It contains aloe vera gel, chamomile, and oat extracts to smooth skin. Also it contains emollients to condition eyelashes. Leaves the eye area feeling conditioned and lips feeling moisturised. It is definitely worth to purchase and works great as daily routine makeup remover.

It is suitable for all skin types, even works well on sensitive skin. It is not only can be use as makeup remover but also can use as cleanser to remove dirt and oil before you actually using your cleanser. So it fit for guys too.

It is now replaced by ARTISTRY Special Care Eye & Lip Makeup Remover. Well, it was discontinued in Malaysia but it is still available in United States.

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