OTTIE Green Tea Toner

OTTIE Green Tea Toner is an antioxidant-rich revitalizing facial toner features a lightweight, non-sticky & refreshing texture. One of my old toner I tested.

Formulated with green tea extract to combat free radicals. It contains allantoin, hyaluronic acid, aloe vera for soothing and moisturising benefits. It absorbs by our skin very quickly and it leaves skin calm and fresh.

However it doesn’t work well for my skin. My skin feels dry after few days of using them. Previously I don’t really use moisturizer. Maybe it is more suitable if you use it together with moisturiser.

It is more suitable for younger skin. If you’re in 30s or above, I will not recommend this product for daily use.

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ARTISTRY essentials Eye & Lip Makeup Remover

ARTISTRY essentials Eye & Lip Makeup Remover is one of the best makeup remover I ever use, also it was my favourite makeup remover.

ARTISTRY essentials Eye & Lip Makeup Remover remove stubborn makeup while soothing skin. Quickly and easily removes mascara and even bold lip colour without a trace. For the most stubborn water resistance makeup and it take two wipes and it totally remove from my skin. I using it everyday and single bottle it last me for a very long time. Even if I don’t wear any makeup, I still using it to remove any dirt and oil from my skin before I use my ARTISTRY HYDRA-V Fresh Foaming Cleanser.

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NATIO Eye Contour Treatment Gel

NATIO Eye Contour Treatment Gel provides the gentle and vital care needed to help revitalise the eye contour area, diminishing the appearance of dark circles, puffiness and ageing lines.

NATIO Eye Contour Treatment Gel contains extracts from Cornflower and Chamomile to soften, soothe and firm. Cucumber to moisturise and cool. Calming Calendula.

NATIO Eye Contour Treatment Gel is fragrance-free. This gorgeous gel will leave you feeling awake and fresh. Use in the morning or when needed. Lightly pat onto skin around the eyes. Not recommended for overnight use.

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Skin Inc Pure Serum Mist

Skin Inc Pure Serum Mist is infused with low-molecular weight hyaluronic acid, high quality humectants and mineral-rich Japanese hot spring Onsen water to impart a dewy, glowing complexion. It instantly hydrates and strengthens the skin’s natural lipid barrier while reduces sensitivity, even for blemish-prone skin.

Skin Inc Pure Serum Mist ideal for normal, dry and combination skin types. Skin Inc Pure Serum Mist is paraben-free, sulfate-free, phthalate-free, fragrance-free and alcohol-free.

Ingredients include water (aqua), butylene glycol, spring water (aqua), glycerin, sodium hyaluronate, phenoxyethanol, citric acid and sodium citrate.

It is very easy to use. Just spray on to our skin and it will be easily absorbs by our skin.

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PANPURI Eastern Touch Massage Essentials Kit

PANPURI Eastern Touch Massage Essentials Kit is travel-friendly and convenient to use whether at home, in the office, in traffic jam or on a jet. The PANPURI Eastern Touch Massage Essentials Kit includes Eastern Touch Massage Tool, Inner Peace Honey Milk Bath & Body Massage Oil, Leading Light Precious Wood Bath & Body Massage Oil, Come Clean Anti-oxidant Milk Bath & Body Massage Oil and Solitude Soothing Milk Bath & Body Massage Oil.

I bought it from the PANPURI shop in one of the Bangkok shopping mall during my trip last June. What so special about the PANPURI massage oil was it works as milk bath too.

You can drop a few drops into your bath tub and take a dip in it. It keep my skin smooth and moisture.

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