LOLA CC Masquerade Creme

LOLA CC Masquerade Creme is one of the best CC cream I ever use. I first get to know this brand from a fashion blogger and price was affordable. My hubby bought it for me when we visiting Bangkok on June 2016.

When I first apply it on my skin, I feel the texture was so smooth. They have two type, one for white skin and another type for white, yellow and dark skin. Basically, the second type is for all skin tone.

It covering my skin and it look so naturally. Wonderful product and recommend it to everyone.

LOLA CC Masquerade Creme also act as sunscreen provides some protection against UVA rays. If you using this product, you no longer need to apply any other sunscreen to protect your skin from sun ray. Maybe some of you might want to ask, can you apply sunscreen after applying this CC cream? The answer is YES.

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