A BONNE Spa Milk Salt

I bought this A BONNE Spa Milk Salt on end of June at EVEANDBOY in Bangkok, Thailand. It was pretty cheap and 100 Baht per tube with buy 1 free 1 promotion. So we thought why not we buy and try it.

This salt scrub is very similar to my all time favourite body scrub, The BODY SHOP Spa Wisdom Afrique Ximenia & Salt Scrub. To compare between them, I notice A BONNE Spa Milk Salt is more scratchy salt than other body scrub I used before. Some of you might feel uncomfortable of the scratchy salt. If you have sensitive thin skin, this is not the product for you.

It removes dirt and dead skin cells from your body and it give you a more radiant skin. This product has whitening effect too.

Usually, I will use this body scrub before I wash with body shampoo. Some people might prefer to wash with body shampoo or soap first before using the body scrub. Anyway, not me. So I would wash again with my body shampoo to enhance the moisture level of my skin. It makes my skin feel smooth and soft.

I recommend to use it once or twice a week will do because the scratch salt and it could keep my skin smooth for nearly 3~4 days. Do not use it on cuts or wounds of your skin. If you’re first time trying out this product, I suggest you not to scrub too hard. Start gently as you pick up some strength to see how harsh you can take it.

It was a wonderful and affordable product for everyone. Most importantly, it was selling at the price which everyone couldn’t complaint much about it.

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