THE FACE SHOP Aqua Drop Pack Sleeping Mask

THE FACE SHOP Aqua Drop Pack Sleeping Mask was oil-free type of sleeping mask which give instant moisture to the skin. After apply it, my face feel soft, smooth and shining. However, I don’t like how it feel on my skin. It is suitable for normal to dry skin type.


With as much as 3,300mg of hyaluronic acid, this moisture enriched sleeping mask intensely hydrates and restores vitality to skin. It absorb quickly into my skin.


You can apply them after cleansing and toner. I wear it to sleep and the next day I still feel the mask and the moisture on my skin. Even the next day I skin feel soft, moisture and glowy. The next day morning after I wash my face, I still feel some layer of the mask left on my skin.

However I don’t fancy about the scent of this sleeping mask. It supposedly to have lavender scent but I can’t smell it. Could it be too light until I can’t smell it? Generally, I don’t recommended this mask unless you like moisture you skin with affordable price mask.

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