G&H Body Wash

G&H Body Wash contains the exclusive Nourish+ Blend of honey, shea butter and pumpkin, which pampers your skin with rich creamy lather from head to toe. G&H Body Wash creamy, sulfate-free body wash cleanses gently, then leaves skin feeling hydrated and nourished. G&H Body Wash help improve skin’s moisture level to relieve and soothe dry skin.

G&H Body Wash comes in a very soothing snowy-white packaging with simple design.


G&H Body Wash is very mild, gentle and pampering on all skin type. The white creamy texture smell nice and fresh. It also lathers easily. It rinses easily with water and is pH balanced.

It is very suitable for tropical climate which keep our skin fresh and moisture all day long.

However, I personally felt G&H Body Wash is kinda pricey. The packaging is not travel friendly and I feel uncomfortable of carrying it with me when I travel oversea.

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