G&H Body Wash

G&H Body Wash contains the exclusive Nourish+ Blend of honey, shea butter and pumpkin, which pampers your skin with rich creamy lather from head to toe. G&H Body Wash creamy, sulfate-free body wash cleanses gently, then leaves skin feeling hydrated and nourished. G&H Body Wash help improve skin’s moisture level to relieve and soothe dry skin.

G&H Body Wash comes in a very soothing snowy-white packaging with simple design.


G&H Body Wash is very mild, gentle and pampering on all skin type. The white creamy texture smell nice and fresh. It also lathers easily. It rinses easily with water and is pH balanced.

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Today I would like to introducing the ARTISTRY SIGNATURE COLOR Light Up Lip Gloss, a light gloss with LED light and built in mirror.

ARTISTRY SIGNATURE COLOR Light Up Lip Gloss available in eight shades of brilliant colours with shimmer and cream coverage that provide perfect 3D look anywhere, anytime; especially in the dark. Now I don’t have to worry of can’t put on my lip gloss in the car at night or when I was in dark clubbing condition.


ARTISTRY SIGNATURE COLOR Light Up Lip Gloss is infused with avocado and jojoba oils for a vibrant and captivating shine. It is also blended with conditioners that make your lips feels moisturized and luscious for hours.

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MKMen Advanced Facial Hydrator Sunscreen SPF 30

MKMen Advanced Facial Hydrator Sunscreen SPF 30 help protect his skin from harmful sun rays while combating dryness. It is a sunscreen with combination of moisturiser to keep skin firm, moisture and healthy. MKMen Advanced Facial Hydrator Sunscreen SPF 30 immediately hydrates while protecting skin from damaging UVA and UVB rays.

MKMen Advanced Facial Hydrator Sunscreen SPF 30 contains advanced anti-aging ingredients and a powerful antioxidant. It absorb into our skin very quick and also provide hydrates for up to 10 hours.

However it is not water-resistant so it won’t do any good if you wear it to the beach or swimming.

For external use only. Do not use it on damaged, wounded or broken skin. It is important to keep it out of eyes.

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MARY KAY Creme Lipstick

MARY KAY Creme Lipstick long wearing with creamy texture for rich colour impact that last over 10 hours. MARY KAY Creme Lipstick provides instant moisture and it is fragrance-free.

Women love lipstick would love MARY KAY Creme Lipstick. It is available in gorgeous colours such as dusty rose, pink satin, pink passion, shell, toffee, sunset, apple berry and red.

MARY KAY Creme Lipstick is enhanced with nourishing vitamin E and a vitamin C derivative to help defend against wrinkle-causing free radicals and everyday environmental stress.

MARY KAY Creme Lipstick also contains methylparaben and butylparaben.

I would not recommend this product for any pregnancy women and it might cause allergy to some.

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Glister Multi-action Fluoride Toothpaste

Glister Multi-action Fluoride Toothpaste contains sylodent, a polishing agent that is gentle to the enamel yet cleans your teeth and helps eliminate stains, including coffee, tea and tobacco. With regular brushing, it helps remove plaque and whitens teeth without bleaching. Unlike other toothpaste which contains bleaching on whitening tooth. Sylodent is an odourless, tasteless, white, gelatinous substance.

Multi-action fluoride toothpaste uses a blend of technologically advanced ingredients. Proactively keeps your teeth and gums clean and healthy. Helps tackle five common dental health problems:

  • Fights plaque
  • Helps prevent cavities
  • Whitens teeth
  • Freshens breath
  • Helps remove stains
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SRICHAND Translucent Powder

SRICHAND Translucent Powder is invisible loose powder which made available to all skin tones. SRICHAND Translucent Powder helps set the foundation for themselves. You can even purchase it from 7-11 in Thailand. I bought it from EVEANDBOY, but you can also found them in Tesco Lotus and Watsons. SRICHAND Translucent Powder was designed and packed in beautiful package.


SRICHAND Translucent Powder was sold in much cheaper price in Thailand and it was sold much more expensive in Malaysia. I bought a lot back from Thailand during my honeymoon trip in Bangkok last June. And quickly all sold out to friends and customers.

SRICHAND Translucent Powder’s oil control formula was fantastic and it keep my skin oil free whole day long. It leaves my skin shine all day long. It comes with an outstanding quality puff and patented design of inner lock system for ease of use.

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