MEN’s Biore Double Scrub Facial Foam Deep Clean

Today I am going to share with everyone my experience on using MEN’s Biore Double Scrub Facial Foam Deep Clean over 2 years.

It was a nice cleanser on my skin but still it doesn’t solve my oily face problem. It has got 2 kinds of beads, black and white for different cleansing purposes. It claims to be effectively removed all impurities, blackheads and dull skin unveiling a clean radiant skin. Personally, I did not feel any change or improvement on blackheads and acnes problem that trouble me for over 20 years. But it did give a clean and smooth feeling after usage.

During the foamy facial wash, the beads break down into miniscule particles to work it’s way deep into pores but still I have acnes and blackheads problem which did not go away or improved. I learn that during the facial wash, it not just removing dirt and oil from my skin but make my skin feel dry after using it. Yeah, my skin is dehydrated.

I start to use toner to keep my skin moisture but it did improve my skin moisture level. But after I use it again to wash my face, it makes my skin dehydrated again and another problem was my skin becoming oily again after 2 hours. If on normal working day, my face will becoming oily and I have to wash my face again during lunch time. Basically, I need to wash it atleast 4 times a day to keep my face not oily (early morning, lunch time, evening and before I go to bed).

The product suppose to remove blackheads but it did not solve my blackheads problem, nor it improve my blackheads condition.

You may want to try it but I not recommended.

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