Tori-Tori Japanese Yakitori @ Queensbay Mall, Penang

We was back from vacation and decided to have dinner at Queensbay Mall before heading back home. We took a long time to decide what to try out this weekend. We always notice a lot of patrons taking their order so we decided to try it out.

Rice With Salmon & Chicken Thigh Pepper was nicely coated with tare sauce and perfectly grilled. Honestly the rice was too normal but the egg not bad. The skewer of salmon and chicken thigh was slightly smaller in size.

Chicken Katsu Curry Rice was a disappointment. Small portion and the curry was below my expectation.

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Titiwangsa Wang Kopitiam @ Titiwangsa Lake, Kuala Lumpur

Discover this place when I was browsing thru the Google Map while I was staying in Titiwangsa during my short weekend vacation. I visited here two times already and it was my second time here. The first time here we didn’t really take photo of the place and food because we are so hungry.

My KL friend didn’t even know there is a wanton mee here near Titiwangsa Lake and Park.

Trying out their Dry Curry Wantan Mee and it is nice. The wantan or wanton is nice. Honestly the wanton is nicer compare to Penang’s wanton. Penang’s wanton usually nothing much filling inside the wanton skin/wrapper. The char siu also not bad but not the best char siu.

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BBQ Seoul Restaurant @ Sungai Petani, Kedah

We decided to go for Korean food when we return back to my dear wife’s hometown, Sungai Petani. This time we choose a Korean restaurant by the name BBQ Seoul Restaurant. It located at Legenda Height, walking distance from Village Mall.

Kimchi Cheese Bokkembab is kimchi fried rice with cheese. Honestly, I think it should serve on hotplate to keep the cheese hot and melting. The cheese on the bottom of the plate is already cold when it serve to our table. Kimchi friend rice was very normal. I had a better kimchi friend rice before.

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Kitchen Chemistry @ Jalan Kampung Jawa, Penang

Kitchen Chemistry located on terrace house along Jalan Kampung Jawa. Well, it supposely to be very crowded on lunch time during weekday but is nearly empty. Anyway, we still sit down to have our meal here.

Dory Fish & Chips was not bad for the portion but we was disappointed as it was covered with thick flour. Overall, the taste was normal and nothing to shout about. Fries is kinda cold too. We believe the fries should serve hot. But the salad not bad.

Hawaiian Chicken Chop taste normal and the sauce was cold. Salad is nice but the mashed potato was cold. The worst mashed potato ever. The cheese doesn’t melt onto the chicken, maybe because it wasn’t hot enough.

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Menya Kamikaze @ 1 Mont’ Kiara, Kuala Lumpur

We visited a small mall by the name 1 Mont’ Kiara. We feel hungry so we decided to have lunch here and we choose Menya Kamikaze.  It is not just an ordinary ramen joint. You guys if you haven’t try out their ramen, you should do so.

Kamikaze Ramen in Aka flavour, chilli flavoured oil soup based. It serve with three pieces of roasted pork, ajitama egg, spring onion, seaweed and bamboo shoots. You will love this if you love chilli and spicy flavour.

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